Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To Vine Or Not To Vine....

Landscaping your property can add value to your home. On a personal note, it can help give your home a peaceful feel from the hectic world. Recently I've become interested in adding wisteria to our landscape. When considering a plant for my landscape I like to research the effect and benefits the plant can add to our property.

If you have an arbor, pergola, covered deck or any other structure a vine plant can climb; you may want to consider a vine plant. They can add shade, privacy and are easy to grow. The are aesthetically pleasing as well and can add beauty and fragrance to your property.

If considering vine plants you need to understand they do require maintenance. You need to make sure they do not creep into crevices, as they can cause wood rot. Trimming the vines will help control them from creeping into places they are not wanted and will prevent them from becoming too heavy for a structure and causing the structure to shift. You will need regular maintenance to prevent unwanted pests from making their home in the vines as well.

When choosing a plant to add to the landscape consider researching the plant. If you have animals and small children always check to see if a plant is toxic/poisonous. If you are wanting a plant to attract butterflies or humming birds you might also make sure it doesn't attract unwanted pests. If you have an existing structure that is damaged from plants or weather and need an estimate on a repair give CH Construction a call for a free estimate.

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