Monday, May 7, 2012


Have you ever noticed when you are not feeling so well suddenly doing the smallest task seems impossible?  For the last week my back has been out, not in just one place but several.  Lifting, sleeping, sitting etc. all hurt.  While lying in bed this morning with heat on my back I thought to myself, it sure would be nice if I felt good enough to mow the lawn.  Then I thought, I really need to clean the house and I want to bake some oatmeal cookies for my husband.  All the while, I lay there and knew I didn't have it in me to accomplish all that I wanted to accomplish.  So, I began to pray.  Several scriptures came to mind and I realized, I didn't have to lie there in bed feeling worthless and bummed.  I chose to lie there. 

My point being this, many people do NOT have the choice because of physical deformities or paralysis etc.  They would gladly take a few aches and pains to be able to mow the lawn or bake cookies.  We make what we want out of life, good or bad.  Maybe I won't get the lawn mowed today or deep clean the house, but my husband will have oatmeal cookies today.  I can at least bless him.  Choosing to endure through life's struggles; be it physical pain, emotional pain or spiritual pain is our choice. Being complacent is also our choice. I know I appreciate this beautiful day and am grateful to be able be out of bed and up enjoying the family.


  1. I hope you can feel better soon.

    1. I feel amazingly better...I have the wonderful massage therapist. Her rates are unbelievable!