Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rainy Days

     While reading some of the post on my Facebook account today, some people were complaining about the rain.  Mind you, it would not have been a good day for a picnic, boating or a motorcycle ride, but today was a wonderful day to stay inside with the windows open and enjoy the ones you love.  The fresh smell of the rain and the light breeze were a blessing.  I know my garden enjoyed the drink of water too.

     At times when we make plans for the weekend and we become disappointed when the weather changes our plans.  We need to remember that the weather is in our Heavenly Father's hands, His plan is perfect.  Remember this next time your weekend plans have to change because of the weather, Yahuwah has a better plan for us.  We just need to seek His will, without grumbling.  Being spontaneous is sometimes fun, who knows the day inside playing board games with the family may be what you and your family needed.  Be grateful in all things and Praise our Heavenly Father for His will.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where Have I Been???

It's been since November since I posted!  I did not realize I have neglected this blog for so long.  Time seems to slip through my fingers.  I began working outside the home in late September, something I had not done since 1994.  I enjoy working outside the home, yet miss being able to spend time doing the things I love.  Gardening and yard work.  I haven't figured out how to manage my time and energy to accomplish the latter.  My husband has picked up the slack and has been busy keeping things running in between his jobs.  Our dwindling family (only three of us living here now) is functioning as a well oiled machine, everyone pitching in to get everything down.

My goal is to be able to post on a more regular basis to share how our Heavenly Father is working in my life.  Yahuwah (our Heavenly Fathers name in Hebrew) has been showing me He is in control and I can let go of the reigns.  As a parent it is often difficult to not worry or fret over your children's choices and decisions, even when they are adults.  All three of my children are baptized and where raised by the scriptures.  I am understanding that the only way for them to gain their wisdom as I have gained mine, is through our own mistakes.  It's seems difficult for me, because more than anything, I would love to prevent them from the hurt and pain that sometimes come from our choices.  Yet, Yahuwah uses this pain and hurt to strengthen us and make us stronger in our faith.  Therefore, by trying to prevent them this pain and hurt I ultimately hurt them more by not allowing them to grow and gain strength in Yahuwah.  My goal is to have shalom (peace), in all things and not interfere in Yahuwah's work in my children's lives.