Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inventory Control Software

Recently my daughter and I took on the unpleasant task of cleaning and rearranging the food storage room. Living on a small farm we tend to do a lot of canning. Keeping the foods organized and the oldest food toward the front of the shelf is important. I have seriously considered getting inventory control software. It would make the process so much easier!

Instead, we removed everything from the shelves, cleaned the shelves and returned the food in an organized manner. You can not imagine how unorganized it gets throughout the year. Since it is time for me to start canning again, I figured I would start with a clean storage room. I don't expect to have as many pears to deal with this year, but you never know and I'll need all the space I can get.


  1. Have you tried canning meat? I've heard it tastes really good.

  2. Zach...I am terrified of pressure cookers. I have only attempted canning that way once and I had someone supervising me. I had a friend who had one explode...since then...I am paranoid to use one.