Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Over It

The article written by Alonso Kramer:

What is it about parenthood that makes you all of a sudden become the most paranoid person in the entire world? It’s something that comes the second you have kids, and I’m pretty sure that it never ends. All of a sudden when I had my daughter, Jade, I saw everything as a possible threat to her safety. Stairs- death trap unless gated. Car- major death trap unless child is strapped in to a car seat that would bounce safely if dropped from a five story building. All cupboards had to be locked up with those little plastic thingies that make it impossible to get to a pot or pan. House had to be secured so that the second they step out of the house I know that she’s out of a door (I found that solution at www.SecurityChoice.Com/). All cleaning supplies have the possibility of being ingested. All outlets have the potential of being touched. Yes- I’m fairly certain that this state of paranoia will not end until… well.. never. Great.

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