Friday, August 5, 2011

California Personal Injury Attorney

I read in the news today about a homeless man that was beaten to death by the police. As the daughter and wife of former police officers I tend to think that there must be more to the story then what is initially reported. Possibly the man resisted arrest or that he became violent and the officers had to subdue him. After watching videos of witnesses reporting to a bus driver about the beating I have to wonder if this is truly a case of police brutality? The father of the homeless man is probably going to hire a California personal injury attorney to sue the Fullerton, CA police department, with just cause.

What most people do not know is that police officers receive extensive training to teach them how to handle all types of situations. Adrenaline gets pumping when an officer is in a chase, physical confrontation or a possibly life threatening situation. Training these officers how to handle them selves in these situations is what they learn at the police academy.

The death of this homeless man I mentioned above is a situation that obviously got out of hand. The witnesses reported that at least 6 police officers where beating this man as he begged for his life and called out for his father, a former sheriffs deputy. One of these officers should have seen this situation was out of control and done his civic and moral duty by putting a stop to the allegedly aggressive behavior of the other officers. Yet, not one of them allegedly did.

Police officers put their lives at risk daily and deserve our respect for upholding the law. If they were are at risk of harm coming to themselves, they do what they need to do to subdue a possible perpetrator. The officer is to call for back up to help subdue the perpetrator. I can not possibly imagine that one homeless man put six officers lives at risk without an alleged weapon.

While these officers are on paid administrative leave the father of this homeless man is mourning the loss of his son and paying for the funeral of a loved one. While the father intends to sue, will that ever compensate for the loss of a child? If the investigation shows that these officers indeed used excessive brutal force that lead to the death of a man, will they be charged with murder? If six young men where to beat a homeless man to death because the suspected him of breaking into vehicles, the courts would find them guilty of murder. This situation has many victims; the homeless man and his family, the families of the officers and the community that lost their trust in their police officials. I pray these people can move forward with their lives and gain some wisdom from this situation.

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