Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pure Joy

Like most grandparents, I believe our grandchild is amazing. Although I am looking at her through different eyes. Not the same eyes that saw my children, but through wiser eyes. Eyes that have learned through the years to appreciate the small things in life. Eyes that now know that pure joy is when you stop and smell the roses, hear your favorite song or see a friend you haven't seen in a long time. When you stop to enjoy every minute of your life, like an innocent child.

As a parent I missed so many of these minutes. I was too busy worrying about getting the laundry and dishes clean. Working 40 - 60 hours a week, coming home to fix an unhealthy dinner and ge the kids to bed so that I could have time to relax before heading to bed myself. Somewhere in all the chaos I raised three kids. When the kids were 5, 6 and 7 I became a stay at home mom and was able to enjoy them more, but I am not sure I truly took the time to enjoy their youth as I am sure I will with my grandchildren.

If I could only impart one parental advice to my kids when they become parents, it would be to enjoy it. It goes by too fast and you miss so much. So with that said, I want to share a little video of my grandchild enjoying her favorite "elmo" video. I hope you remember one thing that can bring you the joy Kadence has when she hears her favorite song.

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  1. I was having a kind of crummy day, but this definitely brightened it. I'm now smiling really big :)