Thursday, July 28, 2011

Genetics or Fate

Have you ever wondered at what point in a persons life do they develop their personality? Is it who they are when they are born or do social stimulation (family) create their personality? Maybe it's a combination of both. While enjoying my granddaughter, I have noticed many personality traits of different family members. When my son (her father) was a toddler, he was a squealer. He would shriek when he would get frustrated, my granddaughter has this same temperance. She has an orneriness about her, which I do believe come from both sides of her parents.

Then there was today, she preceded to torment my daughters (her aunt) cat. When my daughter was a toddler we had a cat named Puff. My daughter loved this cat so much, she dragged the cat around with her everywhere. Mind you, the cat was usually not a willing participant in the dragging ritual. There was also play time with the cat, she would insist the cat fit into the doll house. This required the big cat being stuffed into the small doll house. I will say that the cat usually escaped this play time intact. Now this was many years ago (approximately 19 yrs) and now she is witnessing her niece behaving the same way towards her cat. So I wonder is it genetics, fate or YHWH's humor that my daughter gets to witness the behavior she once displayed in her niece.

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