Saturday, July 30, 2011

John Jacob Astor - The First Multi Millionaire

My sister in law mentioned this person on Facebook, so I googled him and found some very interesting information. I agree with what my sis in law said, it gives you hope that things will improve in the future. He is the 4th richest man in American history. A son of Dairy salesman in Germany. He emigrated to London when he was 16 years old. After the American Revolutionary War, he came to America and built a fur trade empire. In the early 19th century he diversified into New York Real Estate.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I think we should focus on being wealthy multi millionaires, please let me explain my thought process. Many people believe we are living in the end times. I am not saying we are or are not. I am only trying to point out that in our history in the United States and also world wide. People have lived through harsher financial times, more devastating natural disasters and more diabolical social conditions. Our Heavenly father has stepped in and cleaned house in those times of past and will step in again when civilization needs to be cleaned up. For those of you who are wise, you will look to the future for a time to improve upon yourself. Look at the glass half full, instead of half empty. Below is from another web appears to be a journal from John Jacob Astor.

Day 11, September 11, 1837

All the newspapers are reporting about the recent crisis we are having in our economy. The property values are unheard of, so low that now is the perfect time to invest! They are calling this period the Crisis of 1837. It is such a horrid time that people are being forced to foreclose on their properties. I already own some properties west of 5th Avenue in the 30s, so I’ll start my empire with those properties, including my hotel. Ahh, my hotel, the prized possession of my collection. The Waldorf-Astoria, located on 49th and Park Avenue, is the best place you could stay! Everybody raves about it and how it gives New York a whole new sense of luxury. Now that’s a reputation you want for your hotel! We’ve had some pretty famous people stay there like Charles Dickens and Daniel Webster. Anyway, I have a good amount of money prepared to invest in the properties, and since the prices are extremely low, I will have a great return on my investments; I can’t wait!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Genetics or Fate

Have you ever wondered at what point in a persons life do they develop their personality? Is it who they are when they are born or do social stimulation (family) create their personality? Maybe it's a combination of both. While enjoying my granddaughter, I have noticed many personality traits of different family members. When my son (her father) was a toddler, he was a squealer. He would shriek when he would get frustrated, my granddaughter has this same temperance. She has an orneriness about her, which I do believe come from both sides of her parents.

Then there was today, she preceded to torment my daughters (her aunt) cat. When my daughter was a toddler we had a cat named Puff. My daughter loved this cat so much, she dragged the cat around with her everywhere. Mind you, the cat was usually not a willing participant in the dragging ritual. There was also play time with the cat, she would insist the cat fit into the doll house. This required the big cat being stuffed into the small doll house. I will say that the cat usually escaped this play time intact. Now this was many years ago (approximately 19 yrs) and now she is witnessing her niece behaving the same way towards her cat. So I wonder is it genetics, fate or YHWH's humor that my daughter gets to witness the behavior she once displayed in her niece.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pure Joy

Like most grandparents, I believe our grandchild is amazing. Although I am looking at her through different eyes. Not the same eyes that saw my children, but through wiser eyes. Eyes that have learned through the years to appreciate the small things in life. Eyes that now know that pure joy is when you stop and smell the roses, hear your favorite song or see a friend you haven't seen in a long time. When you stop to enjoy every minute of your life, like an innocent child.

As a parent I missed so many of these minutes. I was too busy worrying about getting the laundry and dishes clean. Working 40 - 60 hours a week, coming home to fix an unhealthy dinner and ge the kids to bed so that I could have time to relax before heading to bed myself. Somewhere in all the chaos I raised three kids. When the kids were 5, 6 and 7 I became a stay at home mom and was able to enjoy them more, but I am not sure I truly took the time to enjoy their youth as I am sure I will with my grandchildren.

If I could only impart one parental advice to my kids when they become parents, it would be to enjoy it. It goes by too fast and you miss so much. So with that said, I want to share a little video of my grandchild enjoying her favorite "elmo" video. I hope you remember one thing that can bring you the joy Kadence has when she hears her favorite song.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Kindred Spirit Sister

This past weekend my daughter and I took a 3 1/2 hour road trip to visit my best friend, sister in the faith, kindred spirit Cindy. It's been a year and a half since we have seen each other. While I am writing this it strikes me as sad how we can live so close, but see so little of one another. I can only blame it on that little saying "life happens".

Cindy is unable to drive to see us because of a degenerating eye disease that prevents her from driving in unfamiliar areas. My self, well as you all know we have been babysitting cattle and dogs for the last 1 1/2 years. It keeps us close to home because someone has to check on the herd daily. This weekend is proof that even with life's hectic schedules, you can make time for the little pleasures. It's a matter of "stopping to smell the roses". I'm guilty of rushing through life and not enjoying a few pleasures for myself, but after seeing the joy in my best friends face at our time together, I think I will be making more of an effort to visit.

The late night talks about our deepest thoughts, the laughter that leaves your cheeks hurting and being able to sit without talking, knowing what the other is thinking is priceless. Having my daughter there with us was an extra bonus. Cindy is like an aunt to her and a special friend to my daughter. The admiration they have for one another brings joy to my heart.

As I reflect on our friendship, I know our Heavenly Father had His hand in it. He created a friend for me that would love me despite my faults, that is able listen to my heart and not be afraid to tell me when I am wrong, who reminds me how much she loves me and shares my love for my family. I would pray that everyone could find their special kindred spirit to walk through life with. It's like the cherry on top of life's sundae.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Inspiration

After viewing my daughters new background on her blog, I decided to change mine since it has been the same for a long time. After viewing hundreds of background choices, I've decided I am pretty boring. I searched "farm" and found my new background. With all this exciting new change, I needed to write a blog and update everyone on our lives.

Summer is always a busy time for me. Lots of gardens to weed and veggies to pick. Yesterday while weeding, I came to the conclusion weeding is like laundry.. it never is truly done. Our broccoli is doing well, I have harvested enough to put some in the freezer for the winter. I started getting green, jalapeno and cayenne peppers off the plants in the pots on the deck. I have harvested lettuce several times this summer also. I didn't get as many mulberries as I would have liked, but they are juiced and waiting to be made into jelly when I get a nice cool day (don't want to heat up the kitchen with this really HOT weather).

My side kick, Lauren, has been a tremendous help to me this summer. I'm not so sure I would have been able to keep up with everything. We have been cleaning, weeding, organizing and getting things ready to put our house on the market. I think next week will be our big garage sale (if weather permits).

On top of everything else, we have been babysitting cattle. This time of year the cattle are prone to getting pink eye from the tall grass irritating their eyes. So far we haven't had to call the vet, but we are having to check them more than normal. Spending time with the cows isn't such a bad thing. We are starting to get to know them and see more of each of their personalities. I'm seriously thinking we need to become vegans.

I've enjoyed this little break too much and need to get back to work. I'll try to remember to post more often. Thanks for reading.