Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charleston Homes

Occasionally I will have spare time on my hands. What I do with that time can vary. Last night, I wanted mindless activity, so I was Googling things on the internet. I'm sure most of you have done this yourself. One thing leads to another and after a few hours you are looking at a page on the internet, thinking to yourself, how did I end up here?

That is exactly what happened to me last night, when I ended up on Charleston Homes magazine's web site. Not that I wasn't enjoying it, in fact, I really liked looking at the articles. There is something about southern living that has always intrigued me. The beautiful old homes with the well manicured gardens and the romantic views. It was a nice little mind escape that I needed. I went to bed dreaming of all the fun things I could do with my own gardens.

When I awoke this morning I remembered that the lawn needed to be mowed, the strawberry bed had more weeds to be pulled, the flower beds need thinning and the lettuce bed has to be hoed. All I can say is, the dream was fun while it lasted.

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