Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Care of Grandma

I spent last week at my mother in laws home. Her husband, my step father in law, passed away. She also cares for her stepmother, who is 94 years old and is unable to walk. I went to her house to stay so that I could help her care of her stepmother in this time of need. The two ladies who care for grandma work the night shift, so I was responsible for grandma during the day. I truly have an appreciation for these nurses. They go through the nursing uniforms while working with the elderly. The messes they have to clean up and deal with are truly out of my league.

One of the nurses had custom made scrubs, with pockets for all sorts of things.
She had Kleenexes, medical equipment, medicine and other various objects in her pockets. It was very impressive. She informed me that the nursing scrub uniforms were important, as they do not have time to run around and find things when working with an adult that needs constant care. It made sense to me and as I mentioned before I have a new respect for the work they do. My
grandma is in good hands with these ladies.

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