Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sofa Sets

My youngest son wants to move into an apartment soon. Both my husband and I do not think this is a good idea for many reasons, but that is neither her or there. So, my son is searching for furniture and looking to set up his new place. As a parent I am enjoying him "window" shop. As he browses the Internet looking at different sofa sets, I can't help but laugh at the reality of it all when he sees the prices for some of these sets. With the expenses of first and last months rent, turning on utilities, furniture, stocking the kitchen with appliances and food, he'll be lucky if he can afford to rent a card board box. Being the good parent that I am, I stay silent and let him figure this all out for himself. Eventually, he'll realize he either needs to save more money or life living with his brother isn't so bad.

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