Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Care of Grandma

I spent last week at my mother in laws home. Her husband, my step father in law, passed away. She also cares for her stepmother, who is 94 years old and is unable to walk. I went to her house to stay so that I could help her care of her stepmother in this time of need. The two ladies who care for grandma work the night shift, so I was responsible for grandma during the day. I truly have an appreciation for these nurses. They go through the nursing uniforms while working with the elderly. The messes they have to clean up and deal with are truly out of my league.

One of the nurses had custom made scrubs, with pockets for all sorts of things.
She had Kleenexes, medical equipment, medicine and other various objects in her pockets. It was very impressive. She informed me that the nursing scrub uniforms were important, as they do not have time to run around and find things when working with an adult that needs constant care. It made sense to me and as I mentioned before I have a new respect for the work they do. My
grandma is in good hands with these ladies.

Basement Water Damage

A friend of mine recently had their basement flood and I truly felt their pain. We have yet to finish our basement, but in the 4 years that we have lived here I can not count on both hands how many times our basement has flooded. Thus the reason we haven’t finished the basement. The water damage basement austin is nothing to mess with, it is important to take care of it quickly.

When your basement floods the first thing you have to remove the water damage floor austin.
The shop wet/dry vacuum is our first line of defense. Removing all the excess water and sweeping the remains down the drain will take time. If you have carpet in the basement, you will then need to deep carpet cleaning austin the carpets. Removing any debris and dirt left over from the flooding. Preventing mold from developing is the final step. We treat the walls and floor with a combination of vinegar, tea tree oil and water. Equal parts of these three items in a spray bottle will help fight any mold from developing. Both vinegar and tea tree are an anti fungal and will destroy mold. Treat the area daily for several weeks and then watch to make sure no mold develops. I hope that your basement does not flood, but if it does take these important steps to
help clean up and prevent permanent damage.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Junk Bins

Recently my son decided to clean up the junk and material around his garage. After a few hours, he finished and I was amazed it still looked the same. I asked him, “did you clean anything up?” He made excuses, but what it came down to was there wasn’t a trashcan big enough to throw everything away. I handed him the phone book and told him to call our local trash company and order a junk bin.

The trash company will leave you the junk bins and you pay a monthly fee. Once you have filled the junk bin they return to pick it up. It’s very convenient for the busy homeowner that is trying to complete a clean up task. Hopefully, the junk bin will arrive soon and he can get to the clean up while he still has time on his hands.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Engagement Rings Winnipeg

A friend of mine wrote to let me know her daughter just got engaged. They live in Winnipeg, Canada. She wanted me to see the ring her daughter received, so she told me to Google engagement rings Winnipeg. When I did, I found several jewelers. After finally finding the exact jeweler, I was able to locate the ring and found it was beautiful. I remember receiving my engagement ring and I was so happy to show everyone. With the Internet, we have made this possible to show even our long distance friends and relatives. Sharing the joy and happiness from coast to coast and from one country to another. You have to admit, keeping in touch with friends and family’s life through the Internet is wonderful.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday my husband completed his contractor’s license test. This will give him more freedom to sell jobs without the middleman. As sub-contractors you rely on others to supply the jobs and take a cut of the pay when you build it. Becoming a contractor, he will be required to have business meeting and have a more professional work space. I found a site online that provides office furniture called Mayline. I was extremely impressed with their style of furniture. It gives a functional professional look and still comfortable. I even found a few new desks I wouldn't mind having, being that I am the official gopher girl. Although, I like to refer to myself as an administrative assistant, Okay, I'm a gopher girl no sugar coating it.

Home Bars

While looking at the home bars for outdoor entertainment, I discovered the perfect bar for our downstairs recreation room. For the winter months and the rainy days when we have guest over, the home bar in the recreation room would come in handy. No more running upstairs for a drink, with the home bar in the basement everything would be so convenient. Personally, I think my husband would agree this is a more practical home bar then the outside home bar that we could only use in the spring, summer and fall months. This is defiantly going on my wish list.

Home Bar

I've decided since I am going to approach my husband with the need for a new grill and new patio furniture, I should convince him of the whole outdoor home bar concept. Living in the country, we spend a lot of time outside. We enjoy our patios and the peace and quiet the country living has to offer. Occasionally we will even have a big fire in the fire pit in the back yard. The home bar would be a perfect addition to our outdoor living space. With guests coming in April and the weather being warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, this makes perfect sense. I hope he sees it the same way.

Sleigh Beds

Again with my daughter looking over my shoulder, she discovered her favorite sleigh bed. The nice thing about being young, she can change her mind a lot and develop her own styles. The bookcase headboard would be the practical side of her. With so many different sleigh beds to look at, she finally decided on an elegant style. The rich padded headboard and the beautiful wood grain on the frame of the bed, gives this sleigh bed a Middle Eastern look. My daughter loves the look of the Middle Eastern colors and styles. It wasn't surprising to me when she chose this bed.

Sleigh Bed

Have you ever wanted something your whole life and never thought you would be able to have it? That would be how I feel about sleigh beds. I love the look of a sleigh bed. While looking at bedroom furniture online, to fit my Victorian style decor, I found the perfect sleigh bed. What makes it so special? The intricate lines and curves, the metal frame and the classy look that comes from the Victorian era make this bed very special to me. Now all I have to do is convince my husband we need both the sleigh bed and the new grill.

Sofa Recliners

After finding out how my son and his wife terminally broke their recliner I decided to give them a little advice. From the woman who's husband bought a white couch when he had a toddler and a baby on the way. Experience comes with age or sometimes it comes from thinking outside the box. When explaining to my son that his family is growing and it wasn't fair to the recliner to support the whole family, at once, he might want to consider looking at sofa recliners. It would be a perfect place for the family to gather and would be able to support the whole family at one time. It's amazing how smart you become when you're old.


My oldest son and his wife were talking the other day about how their favorite recliner had broken. My son has fixed it multiple times, but they feel the recliner is terminally broke. They will be getting a nice tax return, so my son has decided to look recliners to purchase. His main stipulation is it has to be leather and preferably very big. He explained that most times, he the wife and baby end up in the chair together snuggling. He didn't need to explain to me after that comment how the recliner became terminally broke.

Patio Furniture

Several years ago, I decided to be creative and sew new patio furniture cushions. I bought heavy-duty material that was yellow striped with roses on it. It was adorable. I was so impressed with myself; I patted myself on the back. Well, it's been two years and the beautiful yellow striped material is now faded and looks terrible. I'm trying to decide if I want to just buy new cushions, I'm not interested in making anymore, or buy a whole new furniture set. In the meantime, I am searching the internet and hoping to find something I can't live without. Better yet, something my husband can't live without.


While looking online at furniture with my son I came across sofa sectionals. It brought back a funny memory from my early years in out marriage. It was my husband and my second anniversary, his parents decided to buy us new living room furniture. His parents felt our furniture was probably the most uncomfortable furniture ever made. I would have to agree it was, we bought all our furniture for $600. When out shopping for a new sofa, my husband chose this beautiful white sofa sectional. It had pastel colors ribbon through it. I had to agree with them, it was a beautiful sofa. The only problem was we had a one-year-old son and another little boy on the way, white just didn't seem practical. My logical thoughts didn't make a dent in the decision to purchase the new sofa. I won't even tell you how long it took to get our first stain on the sofa, but I will tell you it wasn't a baby or a toddler, it was the dad.

Sofa Sets

My youngest son wants to move into an apartment soon. Both my husband and I do not think this is a good idea for many reasons, but that is neither her or there. So, my son is searching for furniture and looking to set up his new place. As a parent I am enjoying him "window" shop. As he browses the Internet looking at different sofa sets, I can't help but laugh at the reality of it all when he sees the prices for some of these sets. With the expenses of first and last months rent, turning on utilities, furniture, stocking the kitchen with appliances and food, he'll be lucky if he can afford to rent a card board box. Being the good parent that I am, I stay silent and let him figure this all out for himself. Eventually, he'll realize he either needs to save more money or life living with his brother isn't so bad.


While looking at curios for my daughter I remembered my first and only curio cabinet. I collected Precious Moments figurines when I was first married. I placed them here and there around the house. My husband and I were in our early twenties with a care free heart of a young person. My husband's hobby was RC airplanes. He would spend hundreds of dollars on one plane. Being young and in love, I would argue about the amount of money he would spend. I would simply take the babies and go revenge shopping. When the credit card bills began to pile up, we realized we had a problem. We decided we wouldn't be wasteful with our money. Instead of me buying senseless items, we bought me a curio cabinet to store all my Precious Moments. If I felt I needed to buy something, I would just add to my collection. Years later, I sold my collection for a pretty penny and sold the curio cabinet as well. With age came the wisdom, little knick knacks mean more dusting.

Jogger Stroller

While searching online for strollers I discovered jogger strollers. I don't remember them having these when my kids were babies. I think it is wonderful to have jogger strollers for moms to be able to take the kids out for some fresh air and be able to exercise as well. I'm not sure how they would handle on gravel rounds, but they would be handy for the city. When I shared this information with my daughter-in-law she thought maybe the jogger stroller would be a better idea then the double stroller. I guess the jogger stroller could be used while shopping at the mall as well. I do have to say, what next a stroller for the treadmill?


With my son and daughter-in-law expecting another child they are going to be looking at double strollers. I thought while I am out buying presents for people for Passover, why not buy them something they could really use. I remember trying to push those big bulky double strollers when my kids were little. Things have really changed since then. They have a sharper turn radius and are more manageable. With so many to choose from it is very difficult. I think i will go with one hat is the same color theme that they currently have as a single stroller. It works well for a boy or a girl. I'm just glad my double stroller days are over and I can sit back and enjoy my grandchildren, one at a time.


I was trying to come up with a gift idea for my daughter for a Passover present. She recently began collecting Willow figurines. We currently have them on the bookshelf in the living room, but I was hoping that she would be able to display them in her room. I began looking for a curio cabinet for her. I didn't want a really big one that would take up space in her room and make her room look cluttered. I found one that mounts on the wall, a wall curio. It's perfect and I know she will love it. That will then give her brothers an idea to buy her more Willow figurines.

Weber Grills

I am persistent if nothing else when I see we need something and have to convince my husband that we really do need it. While searching the Internet for the perfect manly man grill I have come across several Weber Grills, that I thought might do the job. This grill has a smoker, rotisserie and workspaces on each side. We don't have to go back to the cave man days; we can impress our company with rotisserie chicken, smoke ribs and grilled salmon. We could be the envy of all the redneck hillbillies we call our neighbors. Okay, so our neighbors aren't rednecks, but they would still be impressed.

Kitchen Cart

I didn't even realize while looking at the picture of the kitchen cart from my last post that it would give me more cabinet space as well as counter space. I got so excited, I thought I should add this post to let everyone know how practical a kitchen cart would be for their home. My daughter wanted me to mention that it doesn't have to match perfectly to your current cabinets, in fact, you could get one with a little color to spice up the kitchen. It appears to me I will not be letting her decorate my home. A red kitchen cart will look terrible with my cherry cabinets.

Kitchen Carts

Tonight while fixing dinner with my daughter and daughter-in-law, I realized we didn't have enough counter space. Fixing Chinese dinner for everyone takes a lot of people in the kitchen preparing and cooking at the same time. When we are canning in the fall after harvesting the fruits and vegetables we run into the same problem. I found several kitchen carts that would match my kitchen perfectly. This would give us another workspace and it's mobile. So we can move it to where it would not be in the way when not in use. It's a perfect solution without straining the finances.

Weber Grill

Yesterday it was in the 60's here in the Midwest. Spring seems so close, but yet so far away. I couldn't resist grilling out hamburgers for dinner last night. I pulled the grill out and cleaned it off. I opened the lid and it fell off. I stood there with the lid to the gas grill in my hands. I was shocked and realized this poor little grill had seen better days. That was when I decided to go online last night after dinner and look for a new grill. I found the most amazing Weber Grill. It’s a gas grill in stainless steel and black finish. Now if I can only convince my husband I need a new grill and he really doesn’t have to fix the lid to my old grill.

Dining Table

In an earlier post I wrote about my husband and I discussing our preference in a dining table shape. While Susan Dillinger views and opinions were an accurate description of me, I can’t say they fit my husband at all. Susan Dillinger, is a traveling seminar presenter for a Colorado management training company. She says if you like circle furniture, “You are a people person, the shape with the most empathy, perception and consideration for he feelings of others. You listen and communicate well. You read people and can spot a phony right off. You like harmony and you have your greatest difficulties with conflict and making an unpopular decisions. You are easily swayed by other people’s feelings and opinions. You can be an effective manager in an egalitarian workplace, but have difficult in political environments with strong hierarchy.” First I need to mention my husband was a police officer for 8 years, before he chose to leave the force and become a self-employed contractor. I think the only thing that I would agree with in her thoughts is, he doesn’t do well with a political environment with strong hierarchy. Thus the reason he left the force and became self-employed.


I am sitting here writing these blog post and my daughter wonders in and inquires about what I am writing. I begin to share with her my decorating plans and now she has joined me at the computer. We are looking at headboards for her room. Being an avid reader, she thought the bookcase headboard would be great. I have to admit it is very practical for someone who loves to read. She also has lots of knick knacks that she could display on the book shelves. The white will brighten her room and make it appear larger.


I was looking for items to redecorate the bedrooms and came across this great headboard that would look great in the oriental guest bedroom. I love the simple, but artistic design. I can imagine this with a beautiful asian comforter in the black and red colors with gold throw pillows. We have some swords that can be placed on the wall and I have an antique oriental vase that my grandmother gave to me. I think this will be a great bedroom for my son’s friends to stay in while they are visiting. I hope it will have a more masculine feel to the room.

South Shore Platform Beds

While pondering some recent thoughts of remodeling and redecorating my home, I have decided to have themes for my bedrooms. The master bedroom will be Victorian along with the bathroom. My daughter will have to decide on the theme for her room. The upstairs guest room is going to be Oriental, with black and red comforters for the South Shore Platform Beds. Highlighting the colors with gold tones. Having several beds will allow more people to stay in this guest room. While having a main theme and color scheme throughout the rest of the house, the bedrooms will have their own personality.

Twin Over Full

We are expecting several families to visit in the month of April. One of the difficulties with so many people visiting at the same time is finding a place for them to sleep. I’ve decided to purchase a twin over full bunk bed for our fourth bedroom. One of the nice things about the twin over full bunk bed, you can fit a married couple on the bottom with a child on the top. With our other twin bed in the room we can accommodate an entire family on one bedroom. This will leave our other guest room available for the other couple that will be coming. Now all we need is another bathroom to accommodate all the guests.

Office Chair

While discussing my earlier post about my office chair, I received a phone call. My friend asked what I was doing. I explained I was writing on my blog and told her about my post I was writing. She began to explain her preferences in office chairs and why she bought an extra chair for her office. It hadn't occurred to me having another chair in my office would be beneficial.

I have many pet peeves and one of them is when someone else uses my desk and changes the position of my office chair. By having another chair available for other users I can alleviate the frustrations of my own pet peeves.

Dining tables

Recently I had a discussion with my husband about dining tables. When we were first married, he bought me a round dining table for Christmas. I can remember being so upset because he bought me a round table instead of a rectangle or square dining table. It’s funny how important it is for me to have rectangle or square shaped furniture. My husband prefers the round shape instead. I am wondering what does this say about our personalities.

Susan Dillinger, a traveling seminar presenter for a Colorado management training company, says if you like square furniture you are, “Organized and a hard worker, you like structure and rules and dislike situations in which you don’t know what’s expected of you. You prefer working alone to teamwork. Logical, you think sequentially – A, B, C and D. You collect loads of data and file it so information is easy to locate.” This does explain who I am. I’ll share with you in another post, what my husbands round furniture means.

Twin Over Twin

When my boys were growing up they shared a bedroom. They had a twin over twin bunk bed. They both have very found memories of their childhood and sharing a room with bunk beds. There is something special about having a bunk bed and sharing a room with a sibling. I myself shared a room with my sister when we were very small. She had the top bunk and I had the lower bunk. I can remember her hanging her head upside down over the side in the morning and talking to me.

We just found out my son and his wife is expecting a second child. The two children will be 17 months apart. The thought of buying them their first bunk beds for them to share a room and build memories brings joy to my heart.


While the thoughts of redecorating my master bathroom, I found that I want to do the same with my master bedroom. While looking for bathroom vanities I found some very beautiful bedroom vanities. When I was growing up in my early teen years I had a friend who had this antique bedroom vanity. It had a big oval mirror and the two sides of drawers for all her personal things. I can remember thinking; it was like stepping back in time. As I have grown older, I realize I still want that same type of vanity. I don’t think we ever grow tired of finding beautiful furniture.


There is talk that my husband may be going out of town for several weeks. This means I get to take on a remodeling task. The master bathroom will be the room I focus my attentions. I have wanted to redecorate with a Victorian theme. I eventually want a claw bathtub and an antique looking vanity. Finding this vanity at a reasonable price that is authentic looking will be the fun.

I enjoy a relaxing shower or bubble bath and having the perfect bathroom will give me great joy. While my husband plays in his garage with all his man toys, I’ll be reading a good book in a nice hot bubble bath in my newly decorated bathroom.

Office Chairs

Since I began blogging more and writing for the examiner.com I have spent a lot of time sitting in my office chair. Locating office chairs that are comfortable and affordable is very important. Not only is it essential for comfort but also for your health. Lower back pain can occur when sitting for long periods of time. So a chair with good lumbar support is a necessity.

I myself prefer an executive chair with plenty of cushion on the seat and lumbar support in the back. The tilting back, height lever and slightly sloping edge to the seat gives me the most comfort. What kind of office chair is most comfortable to you?