Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard hits the Midwest

Above is a picture of my husband on his lawn tractor plowing our driveway. I took this picture from our front porch, about 150 feet away from them.

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011 a winter storm crossed the Midwest and left damages to property, personal vehicles and power outages. While people in the northern states were probably more prepared for this kind of storm, the folks of the lower Midwest were a little more leery of it. By mid day on Tuesday at the height of the storm, Kansas City, Missouri mayor Mark Funkhouse declared a state of emergency. Down here south of Kansas City about an hour away, we received 16 inches of snow. It was quiet a storm, one with record breaking snow fall and wind chill. There are many things I am sure I will remember about this storm in the years to come.

People in the Midwest are great at coming together and helping one another out in a difficult time. Our small little town is one example. We have a gentleman that plows our streets in town, after this storm, many people who owned plows came to help him plow the streets and peoples driveways. Others grabbed their shovels and began shoveling sidewalks and helping people clear their drives. I know of a few people that attempted to drive before the roads were clear, putting themselves in a ditch or stranded. The other drivers with 4 wheel vehicles were towing and lending a hand to the common sense challenged 2 wheel drivers.

With all this snow you would think people would be ready for spring, not around here. They are talking about sledding and enjoying this large snow fall. It's not every year we receive this amount of snow, so they are taking advantage of the it. I myself do not like this cold wintry weather. I could do without wearing layers upon layers of clothes just to go to the grocery store. I particularly don't like trying to walk in snow that is up to my hips, ok so maybe I am only 5'1 and most averaged height people don't have this problem. Either way, I am not fond of winter and it's snow. It looks like it's not going to get better any time soon. Another round of snow is coming in on Sunday. While shoveling my decks and porches I will be dreaming of tropical weather.

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