Monday, February 21, 2011

100 Dogs Killed

A 38 year old employee of Outdoor Adventure asked the SPCA on two separate occasions to help find homes for the company's dogs. Both times he was rebuffed. Now the SPCA is investigating the killing of 100 dogs over two days.

Officials at the animal protection service claim they did not realize the dogs would be brutally slaughtered. Senior animal protection officer Eileen Drever said, "[the employee] didn't advise me he was going to kill any dogs. I spoke to an animal behaviorist who is also a vet and she spoke with an expert in the [United] States who said [the sled dogs] weren't adoptable". When asked if she had told the man that the SPCA would not help locate homes for the dogs, she said "I believe so".

BC SPCA head of animal cruelty Marcie Moriarty said, the SPCA would have acted had it known the dogs were going to be slaughtered. While everyone is pointing their finger to blame each other in the deaths of these dogs, everyone agrees the loss of these 100 dogs was senseless.

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