Friday, January 21, 2011

Rural Route Mail

Living in the country something most people don't think about mailboxes. You would be amazed at how people express themselves with their mailbox. I have also noticed that others encase their mailbox in stone. Not a bad idea out here in the country. Most peoples mailboxes are not close to their home, but up a long drive and some are out of the sight of the home. We even have vandalism out here in the "sticks". So it's a matter of taste and practicality on what type of mailbox you might choose.

I personally don't like the expensive decorative mailboxes. They are just not practical out here. I would probably invest in locking mailboxes, as the mailbox is so far from the house. I'm not sure if our mail lady would appreciate it, with the extra work of unlocking it. I have to admit though, last year I saw on craigslist a gentleman that made a concrete tree where your mailbox slips inside of it. It was painted and looked so real, like a real tree beside your drive. It was so unique, but too expensive. The day after I noticed it, the county tractor that mows the grass on the side of the highway hit our mailbox and munched it. I figured, it's a good thing I didn't invest too much money in the mailbox. Such is life in the country.

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