Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lawrence Welk Show

Last night while my granddaughter was spending the night, she woke up around 11pm and decided she had slept long enough and was ready to play. Grandma on the other hand had other plans. So I began singing the first song that popped in to my head. It was the closing theme song from the Lawrence Welk Show. My daughter who was sitting next to me asked me what I was singing. Thus began the search of for Lawrence Welk. With my granddaughter sitting on my lap and my daughter sitting next to me we watched for an hour Lawrence Welk clips. My heart swelled with lovely memories from when I was a child and would sit with my grandparent and watch this show. I would get so excited at the beginning of the show when the bubbles would appear. Below is a video of the opening credits. I love the Geritol sponsor.

But the song that stuck into my head was the closing credits song. My dance teacher that I had growing up was a big Lawrence Welk fan. So we would end our recitals with this song.

It's funny how these stored memories pop up at the least expected times. Not that I am complaining. My granddaughter loved it and it put her to sleep. She loves big band and older styles of music. I went to bed and had wonderful dreams about my grandparents. Thank you Lawrence Welk, for giving me these moments to share with my granddaughter and daughter.


  1. It was fun watching it... all the songs ..just makes me think how different..yet in a odd way the same things are now. Although it was funny how captivated Kadence would get..and myself at times..hehe

  2. Ah yes...good memories. Used to watch it at my grandparents on Sat. night, especially during the winter. :)

  3. I agree Scott, wonderful memories.

  4. ohh! awesome i remember watchin this - love classic movies netflix has tons