Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Event Displays

While searching Google the other day I ran across another cool site that I thought I would share with my readers. This web site sells products for trade show displays. You are probably wondering why I am thinking about trade show displays. I'm looking for different ways to market me husbands construction company and I know that once a year in Kansas City they have a Home and Garden Show. Many contractors set up trade show exhibits to show off their goods and talents to all the people wondering how to spend their extra money on improving their home.

You can have table covers and director chairs with your companies logo printed on them. I liked the fact that they are eye catching and would stand out from the hundreds of other exhibits. If you aren't interested in having tables and chairs printed with your logo, you can save a bit of money and go with a blank table cover and chair. Either way, they have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. They also have a full selection of table top displays. You can choose from pop ups, panel systems, hybrids, briefcase style and more. This company is definately one stop shopping for trade show exhibits.

While I am not sure how I am going to market the company. I will keep Camel Back Displays in mind for future reference.

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