Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scrubs for PJ's

Recently I was at a friends house and she was lounging around in a pair of scrubs. I guess I should mention that she is not a nurse or a doctor. When I asked her why she was wearing her green scrubs, she explained to me that she wears them as PJ's and to lounge around the house. She went on to explain that she had found that they were the more comfortable than a pair of sweat pants.

When I got to thinking about it. Sometimes sweat pants and shirts are very unflattering. The scrubs gave her the loose freedom sweats do, but they did not look frumpy. So I went online to purchase me a pair of women's scrubs for myself. If you happen to show up at my house and see me lounging around in a pair of scrubs, you will know that I have not decided to become Doctor Grandma.

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