Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blessed and Busy

I love this time of year, it keeps my very busy. The harvest from the garden, the fruit trees, preparing the gardens for winter, getting ready for our annual vacation and family in general keep me on my toes. I love the smell of autumn and the beautiful colors. I haven't even had time to get the ole camera out. Hopefully on our trip to the Ozarks I'll get some camera time in. This year we were busy canning applesauce, apple butter, pear honey, salsa, wild grape jelly, concord grape jelly, peach jam, wild plum preserves. Also, making wine and elderberry tincture. I still need to harvest my eucalyptus plant to make oil for my candles and harvest the last of the mint to make tea bags. On top of all the abundance of harvest we received this year, we also received a whole lot of yarn. My daughter and I have been crocheting hats. I'll have to take the time post a picture of some of the hats we are making. If all goes as planned and you know it never does, I will also be able to finish the quilt I started in Feb. of '09. Ok, realistically I won't finish before Feb. 0f '11. Either way, have plenty to do to keep me busy, when I get some down time I'll post on here to keep you all informed.