Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too Much Painting

I have the ability to organize, clean, cook and teacher children, but I do not have painting skills. I can draw pictures and paint fairly well but when it comes to painting rooms in a house, I'm not your girl. Why is that? I am not that uncoordinated. This past week my family has been tackling our "to do" list. All the things we have left undone. We carpeted my office, painted 2 bathrooms, touched up the trim in the whole house and painted my bedroom. When I tried to help someone would suggest I do something else. This did not hurt my feelings as I truly hate to paint. I would rather clean up he mess or prep for the painting.

The house looks great and it feels so good to get it all accomplished. A perfect way to utilize this cold icky weather and have the house repair jobs finished, so when spring comes I can play outside in my gardens.

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