Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Toy for Hubby

My husband has a love for flying and any kind of aircraft. He received his private pilots license in the early 1990's, which gives me some confidence in his flying. I have flown with him many of times and he is a very competent pilot. His passion for flying and aircraft is enduring.

Throughout the years he has purchased ultralight planes. Buying and selling these planes determined by our income or the need for money at the time. Recently, he acquired another ultralight in a barter for a couple of horses, a horse trailer and a utility trailer. Buying these planes usually involve purchasing parts to repair or improve them. I am the go to girl when looking to find parts. Recently while searching for parts I ran across a web site that I found interesting.


  1. wow, flying is a wonderful thing and flying with husband is even more beautiful I am glad to read ur post,It was quite fun to know about ur hubby's interest in flying.Lovely post take care dear

  2. I have always loved flying. I even wanted to be a pilot. But, considering the circumstances others might face when I become one, I let go of that dream. Me flying a plane would be their panic ride... lol
    I am glad you get to fly often. Have fun!:)