Monday, February 1, 2010

Alex Crisses

For all the young men and women looking to succeed in life, you can learn a lesson about hard work from Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners. While attending the University of Pennsylvania, he received the Dean's Award for Excellence. Then going on to Harvard Business School to receive a Masters in Business Administration with honors. Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners applies himself 100% in every aspect of his life. The proof of this is in the honors and awards throughout his education. He even applied himself 100% on the tennis court. While attending the University of Pennsylvania, he was on the varsity tennis team.

He also finds time to donate his time to charities as well. Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners was the former Director of Fund-raising and Executive Commitee Member of Minds Matter, a New York based charity for under privileged high school students. He also is a supporter of the Make a Wish Foundation, New York City Police Foundation, and the Sergeant Benevolent Association. Alex Crisses is a great example to youth, if you apply yourself and work hard you can achieve your goals.

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  1. it was a great post dear ,thanks for sharing ,in field of life if we sow our dreams and give them water of hard work regularly along the minerals of dignity we can turn our dreams in a solid fruitful tree of real success,god bless you