Monday, January 11, 2010

Zippy's Spoiled

I can't help it, but I am partial to my dog Zippy. She's an only child/dog. I spoil her to the point of ridiculous. She has her winter coats, sweater and sweat shirts, spring t-shirts and summer tank tops. I have to admit, I don't buy all these clothes. Many have been given to her by friends and family. Before Zippy came into my life, I felt dressing an animal was cruel. This dog actually loves her clothes. She loves her sweaters because she is always cold. There is no way to convince the people, who think like I use to, that this dog actually loves to wear clothes. So, I will share all the other ways I spoil this doggie diva.

She has her toy basket, which she recently was given a new dog toy by a friend. She has her dog bed which is next to my bed. Her bed contains her own doggie blankets which she has had since she was born. Although, her favorite place to sleep is my bed. My husband doesn't spoil her, so she isn't allowed on the bed, not that it stops her.

I think the reason I spoil Zippy so much is the fact she is so human-like in her behavior. Her face is very expressive, friends have told me it is easy to read what she is thinking, but I already knew that. Zippy is never without a human friend.

She isn't much for the canine or feline friendships. She is an alpha dog, so she is pretty bossy. Most dogs submit to her, but occasionally she runs across another alpha and that doesn't go well. She does have a bff, my sisters dog "Oscar". She gets so excited when we head to "Oscar's" house. Occasionally, they have sleep overs if we are on vacation. Last vacation, my nephew inquired if he could keep Zippy. Obviously, he was very disappointed in my lack of cooperation to give my dog away.

What Zippy lacks for in looks, she gains from in personality. Although, a mother/owners love believes all her kids/dogs are cute. Okay, I'm a little biased in my thinking. Let me know what you think.

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