Saturday, January 30, 2010

Zippy is Sending Her Love

I have had several people asking me how Zippy is doing. She is doing much better. I have found more time to cuddle with her and she isn't whining as much. As I type this blog she is staring at me wanting me to get off the computer and watch a movie with her. I thought I would show you how pitiful she looks when she wants my attention. Signing off to go watch a movie with Zippy.


  1. Now, that is one look that will surely get everyone's attention. She looks really cute.

    Have fun watching the movie Zippy...

  2. hello dear thank god that your zippy is fine now and you both are spending more time together ,i am sorry that you were frustrated by the computer , i hope every thing is going great now ,wishing you very best of luck for each wish of yours take care