Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cures In the Kitchen For the Common Cold

Many people do not realize that in their kitchen are natural remedies to the common cold. We take for granted the things that are available right in our own back yard. Over the centuries people have used minerals and plants for medicinal cures. When the Europeans came over to the United States, they brought with them seeds and plants. They also learned from the Native Americans which plants were used for different cures. A typical wife and mother were knowledgeable about herbs and how to use them for medicinal purposes. Some of modern day medicine originated from plants and herbs. As people moved toward a more industrial society and into the cities, they became more dependent on pharmaceutical companies to supply their medicine.

People have become unlearned about these old time rememedies. These natural rememdies still work and are available in your kitchen to this day. Salt, apple cider vinegar, oinion, garlic, anise, ginger, honey are a few of the items in your cabinets that can cure the coomon cold.

At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water. Salt has been used for centuries to remove bacteria from meat. Farmers soak their meat in salt water to remove bacteria. I have used this remedy with my family for years. Place a teaspoon of salt in an 8 oz glass of warm water. Gargle the entire glass; this will remove mucus and dilate the capillaries increasing the blood flow. Do this several times a day and you will feel so much better.

Apple cider vinegar is good for so many things. Colds, flu, headaches, digestion problems, insect bites and so much more. When you are coming down with a cold, your bodies alkaline level is unstable. Drinking apple cider vinegar will re-balance the acid level. Add apple cider vinegar to a glass of water, making it as strong as you can tolerate. Gargle and swallow this mixture twice a day. Apple cider vinegar kills streptococcus virus as well as adds extra potassium to your body as well. When using apple cider vinegar rinse your mouth out after drinking to rinse the acid off the enamel of your teeth.

Ginger contains nearly a dozen antiviral compounds and is a great cold remedy. First you must peel the skin from the ginger root. Grate fresh ginger into a cup of hot water. Seep for 10 minutes and add honey to taste. The tea will give your throat a tingy sensation.

Onion and garlic are from the same family and both contain antiviral compounds. Seep a sliced onion over night in honey. Take this mixture at intervals, like cough medicine. By eating onions and garlic you are ingesting these antiviral foods to your diet. Helping to fight the cold.

Anise is an expectorant to get rid of phlegm and also has antiviral compounds. Take one or two teaspoons of crushed aniseed and place them in hot water to seep for 10 –15 minutes. Anise is used to make Indian Chai tea as well. Drink this tea several times a day.

Honey is an antibacterial. Using honey with different herbs helps to fight bacterial infections that are sometimes second infections caused by the common cold. As you have read already, when making teas you can add honey to help the efficiency of the tea. Also adding it to other herbs to make syrup is beneficial. Either way, honey is definitely a yummy way to help cure the cold.

Lemon like apple cider vinegar is high in acid and will balance your alkaline levels in your body. It will also cut through mucus acting as an expectorant. You can mix lemon to any herbal tea or add it to water to drink.

Thyme is also used as an antibacterial. My mixing thyme leaves in hot water and seeping for 10 – 15 minutes. Even most herbalist forget the benefits of thyme as it is not commonly mentioned as a antibacterial herb.

Oregano is common known as marjoram has high thymol content. The fascinating thing about oregano is that fights bacterium, viruses, fungi and yeast. Using 1 – 2 teaspoons of oregano leaves in hot water and seeping for 15 minutes several times a day will help you fight the common cold.

Sage was one of the four sacred plants of the Native American. Sage helps with inflammation of the throat and with irritations of the throat. If you mix sage with apple cider vinegar you have a powerful cold cure.

Making rosemary tea will help with bronchial issues. Rosemary helps break up phylum. Giving you relief from congestion. Add 1 –2 teaspoons in hot water and let seep for 10 – 15 minutes.

Cinnamon is a natural germicide. Adding cinnamon to any herbal cold tea can enhance its medicinal purpose. By adding a ¼ teaspoon to honey and taking as a cough syrup will also help alleviate cold symptoms.

These are just a few natural remedies for the common cold and cold like symptoms. I know there are times when you just don’t feel like getting out to pick up an over the counter cold medication. You may already have these items in your cupboard and they work just as efficiently. The best cure for the common cold prevention. Remember to always wash your hands. Eat a healthy diet and make sure you are including foods with lots of vitamins and minerals. No virus or bacteria can live in a healthy environment. Remember to always eat healthy and live healthy.

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  1. wow what a great amount of tips and information you have heads of to you ,i also saw my grand ma and mother to used these herb and old medicines in cold or flu,even now my family use salt and hot water in flu or throat pain,thanks for sharing take care