Saturday, January 30, 2010

Computer Problems

This past week I have not posted because I was frustrated with my computer. Last Monday I spent the day helping my husband battle a worm on his computer, solved the problem by going through the DOS to use an antivirus program. While helping him, I was downloading stuff on my computer (from the net) to help him. I must have picked up a buggie bo that caused my computer started running slow and having difficulty opening programs. I put of dealing with it intently all week...too much going on I ended up trying to fix it on Friday. Well, to sum it all up I had to reformat my fun. Spent the evening last night putting programs back on my computer and trying to remember what sites I had in favorites and user names and passwords. With this all done, I did not want to be on the computer at all today. Although, I am on here tonight to post a note to thank everyone who commented on my post and dropped me a note through other sites. So I am back up and running again and will post another picture of Zippy for you all to see.

1 comment:

  1. I understand how irritating this can get. My Computer troubles me very often. Every time I say he's been working well, he listens to me from the speakers and gets a bug, a virus and what not. The show finally ends with a program going missing and me having to reinstall the OS.

    Zippy's pics, here I come...:)