Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award Goes To........

I was recently awarded a beautiful blogger award from a very sweet lady. The rules of receiving this award is to pass along this award to 7 others and to reveal 7 things about your self that not many others know.

1) As a child I slept with my glasses on in case the boogey man showed up, I could see him.

2) I love to pull pranks on other people and tend to laugh when someone else falls down or hurts them self. My good friend, Andrea has this same affliction.

3) I have absolutely no patience. Okay, this one is obvious if you already know me....but at least I am willing to admit it. Next step, therapy :)

4) I use to play cowboys with the neighbor kids when I was young. We would drink pickle juice and pretend it was beer. In our mind it was so horrible tasting, that was the closest thing you could get to beer without drinking it.

5) I would love to go back to college and get a journalism degree.

6) I have achluophobia (fear of dark) and aquaphobia (fear of drowning).

7) would love to travel all over the world and do missionary work.

Now for the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARDS by Valea's Thoughts

Al`eh's Writings - I'm a bit partial to her blog since she is my daughter, but her poetry is inspirational and beautiful. I love her depth and originality. She is a beautiful person inside and out.

Dew Sparkles - Her knowledge of herbs is fascinating and she is a wonderful writer with alot of talent. She also happens to be my daughter-in-law. She is also beautiful inside and out.

Heartland Perspective - Is a great blog stocked full of information. She is a wonderful friend and a great talent in writing. I love reading her blogs!

Baili and I - I have enjoyed reading her writings they always put a smile on my face. She has a wonderful sense of humor that she adds to her writings.

Outnumbered - I love his humor and writing

Very Top Five - Is a fun blog to follow. The top five favorites of random things.

Thur My eyes - Is an informative blog stocked full of information.

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  1. Wow. Congrats to you. I found your blog from a friend's. Congrats to you on this wonderful award and everyone else...
    Have a good day!:)