Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Babies R US

As a soon to be grandmother, I take my job seriously. That would include shopping. I went with my daughter in law to register at the local Baby R Us store yesterday. It was so exciting and exhausting! Where do you begin with all the latest gadgets for babies? I was overwhelmed with the items they have for these new parents. It amazes me that we ever raised children without these gadgets. They have car seats that have attachments to your stroller. Heaven forbid you actually take the child out of the car seat and place it in the stroller. How did we ever survive? They also have these pillows/foam forms for the nursing mother. I can remember a day when you actually help your child while he/she was nursing. They have swings. slings and things that glow. Not sure how a child will be able to sleep with the solar system on the ceiling. Instead of counting sheep I imagine it will count stars. I will admit it was alot of fun, these new fangled contraptions are very interesting.

My personal moment of "ahhh" was in the child proofing your home area. Child proofing your home is now an art form. If it opens, they have a lock for it. If it turns on, they have a guard for it. The only thing it doesn't protect the child from is life. Give them a few years, I'm sure they will sell a very expensive gadget for it.


  1. hello dear , I am really happy for u to be a new grand mother ,I recently had a great experience of shopping for my newly born niece .Congratulations, it must be a lot of fun.
    Well bending the topic , i would like to inform u that I have got an award for u ,well when ever u get time try to take it.Tkae care and God may keep whole of your family under his blessings.the pic was soo cute.

  2. Well, babies do have so many things. I had been to a similar shop with my Mom for a small present. It was supposed to be for my cousin who was just 2 months old. Turns out, we couldn't decide. There was a Clutching Toy which looked really cute. And then there was a Pacifier chain which would glow - with 3 different colors. We ultimately purchased almost 7 different items...:)
    Oh yeah, congrats on becoming a Grandmother. Best wishes to your Daughter and the little one...:)
    Have a god day...

  3. thank you both...for your kind words