Friday, December 4, 2009

Zippy's Pregnant - NOT

Well, it's that time of year again. My dog, Zippy, is having another false pregnancy. She is 7 years old and has yet to have a litter. We have actually bred her only once, the rest of her pregnancies have only been in her mind.

The first time Zippy had a false pregnancy, we were clueless as to what was going on with our canine family member. We had been on vacation and our neighbors had been taking care of her. She was "nesting" in our bed, laundry room and under the couch. So, we began our search for puppies. When we realized there were none, we spoke to our local vet and provided small stuffed animals for her mental peace. Our vet reassured us this was not threatening to her health and she would recover in a matter of a weeks, which she did.

The following year, I awoke one morning to find all our remote controls to the television and stereo missing. I searched high and low, when I glanced over at our meek looking mutt, I discovered a guilt ridden face. After searching her dog bed, I discovered she had given birth to our remote controls. The following years,she has given birth to only slippers. Last year I awoke to her sitting beside my bed with my husbands slipper in her mouth. Proudly displaying her newest pup.

This morning, my husband awoke early to get ready to go to work. As I laid in bed thinking about my day ahead, Zippy slipped into our closet. She doesn't make a habit of hanging out in our closet, so when my husband approached the closet to choose work clothes he said, "Zippy why are you in my closet?". Then I knew, she was searching for her next litter. I informed my confused spouse that we were about to have a new litter of pups and if he didn't want his slippers to be a part of this litter he may want to make sure his closet remains closed at all times.

I quickly went to my emergency stash of pups, which includes several old pairs of slippers and a stuffed panda. Zippy and I prepared her dog bed and she quickly tucked her babies in to nurse. For the next couple of weeks she will take good care of her slippers and I will continually be looking for mine, if left in reach of her.

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