Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A little over a week ago I wrote a blog about my dog, Zippy. I shared with you all her history of false pregnancies and her current false pregnancy. We are coming to an end of this pregnancy, so I thought I would share a few highlights with all my blog followers.

For the first five days, we saw very little of Zippy. She kept herself in her basket with her baby slippers and baby stuffed panda. She did not eat and drank very little. Occasionally, I could tempt her with chicken, but for the most part she was fasting. Approximately on the sixth day, she was leaving her puppies (aka slippers) and venturing out to spend time with me. By the eighth day she was bringing her puppies with her, which entailed a lot of work. She would bring them one by one and drop them at my feet then look up at me to see if I would help her out. It was such a pitiful site.

For the last couple of days she only carries the panda and one purple slipper with her. She will place them on the chair with me and then curl up and snuggle. It truly is precious, but sad. I thought to myself the other day, she really would be a good mommy. I imagine with in the next day or so all her puppies will be weaned and she will go back to normal. I can then wash all my slippers and replace them in my closet until the next time.

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