Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It's been a few years since the Midwest has seen a blizzard. This past week has left the cold bitter reality of winter across the Midwest. Many people were unprepared for the weather and were stranded while trying to travel. While others choose to defy nature and attempt to make their way to friends and families home. Our family for the most part stayed tucked into the warmth of our homes and watched outside as people tried to make their way down the road. Two of my kids did venture out in the snow yesterday to go sledding at a friends house. They were gone for a few hours, returning to tell their tale of snow drift roads and trucks that had slid off the road. I used to love playing in the snow and could spend hours outside in the cold when I was a child. Since Thursday night, I have gone outside twice taking my husband coffee while he worked in his workshop. The thought of bundling up to play outside, only to still be cold, has lost its thrill for me. I prefer to drink my hot coffee and watch the kids play in the snow through the window.

I'll take 100* degre summer weather any day of the week over this blistery cold weather. I know some people prefer the cold, but your activities are limited with the snow and ice. The heat of the summer never has bothered me and there is so much more you can accomplish outside when it is warm. So as I stay confined to my wintery prison, I will count the days until spring brings me warmer weather.

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