Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who is Vivek Kundra?

How many of you have heard of Vivek Kundra? He is a man in the position of our governments CIO (Chief Information Officer). Haven't heard of a CIO, let me bring you up to speed. A CIO is responsible for information technology and computer systems. Our goverment spends an enormous amount of money trying to keep up with information technology. Some of it is wasteful, Vivek is wanting to curb that spending. Vivek Kundra is focusing on making information available online. He would like for the average citizen to be able to get online and check the status of the stimulus money being spent or other information.

This is a concept Vivek Kundra is familiar with creating. He is known for overhauling the D.C.'s government tech system. He replaced this system with one that provides real time data to the mayor and his deputies, about where money is being spent. With this cloud based Web application, Vivek Kundra caught the eye of the Obama administration. Leading him to the position of CIO.

The most significant step so far has been the development of This project launched May 21, 2009 with 47 data sets and currently host over 118,000. What is It is a collection of federal data housed on This web site is open to public access and provides easy- to-use-tools. Vivek Kundra welcomes suggestions and data sets that people would find useful. With Vivek Kundra's help, we will move in to the future of information at a fingers touch.

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