Monday, December 28, 2009


I am sure many of you have received the numerous emails that show how people dress while shopping at Walmart. As we scroll through the email pictures and chuckle to ourselves, many of us do not ever get to experience the abnormally dressed people. While waiting for a prescription to be filled at our local Walmart store this afternoon, a gentleman showed up in his pajamas, with a pair of shorts over them. I could not suppress the laugh and my kids turned around to see hilarious site.

Many of you are probably thinking, maybe he was sick and needed to come to Walmart to get a prescription filled. That would be almost understanding. That was not the case, as I over heard him and his female companion chatting he did not feel like getting dressed this day. So I asked myself, should I feel guilty taking a picture of this guy dressed in such a bizarre fashion? I came to the conclusion that this gentleman wanted the attention. Many people that go out of their way to dress "odd" truly want people to notice them. For some reason, that I am not able to understand, being a freak of fashion is something certain individuals desire.

For the benefit of these individuals, I post this picture to honor all the "odd" people who fill the need to dress in unusual clothing while shopping at Walmart. For privacy reasons, I choose the picture that did not show his face.

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  1. What always amazes me is the fact that people who dress odd usually look at you funny when you notice them. They want the attention, but then they give you that look like, "What are you looking at?"