Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Suggested Wedding Destinations - Steve Stavanovich

Planning a perfect wedding might include finding the perfect honeymoon destination. According to Steve Stavanovich if you are looking for a beautiful desert get away, look no further then Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you can hike the Atalaya Mountains or shop at the adobe style shops in town. This town offers a variety of activities for everyone.

For those of you looking for a more tropical honeymoon, Steve Stavanovich suggests Jeju Island, Korea. This island has an exotic, un-westernized charm to it. Jeju Island is known for it's fine seafood restaurants. For the adventurers the island has many large lava caves to explore. This island is a honeymoon delight.

If you are wanting to spend your honeymoon on the beach Mazatlan, Mexico is another place Steve Stavanovich recommends. This place is for the couples who want a quiet, private wonderful get-away. With over 10 miles of uncrowded beachfront you can go snorkeling or boogie boarding. The town aquarium or the breweries are other attractions you might want to visit. Whatever you chose to do Mazatlan, Mexico will be a honeymoon you will always remember.

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