Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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After watching Julie/Julia it inspired me to work harder on my blog Valea's Thoughts. So, I have been researching ways to improve traffic and build alexa tank. I never thought when I started this blog that you would have to work at building traffic. Now that I have been writing for almost a year, I am finally taking the bull by the horns and joining groups and communities to learn how to create a more noticeable blog.

First, I realized I need to be more consistent on writing and not letting life get in the way of my blogging. Being the mother of three young adults and a self employed husband that can be difficult. As many people know, working from home can be a challenge. As I try to establish myself as a writer, people seem to think you are not really working. Research takes time and building your site also takes time.

Second, I can never forget to have fun. That is why I write, to be able to express my thoughts and put them out there for others to enjoy. It's like opening up the top of my head and peeking inside to see my thoughts. When my daughter was young, I asked her once, "what goes on in that little head of yours". After thinking for a few minutes, she said something very profound. "Not much, it's kinda quiet, not very cluttered". I laughed at the pure innocence of a child's mind. As I have grown older, I realize to be able to view our mind and see what condition it is fascinating. If I were to describe for the reader what goes on in my mind, I would have to say ALOT. My mind is always racing. Thinking of the things I need to do, want to do and can't do. I have random thoughts that make me question my sanity. An example would be, do dogs speak to us and get frustrated when we don't understand their language? Is that why they tilt their head at us sometimes? I will see a dog and it is just staring at me and I wonder what the dogs thoughts are. Of course I wonder that about people too. If only people knew how much I didn't say that I was thinking. It's probably a good thing, because I tend to have an opinion about everything and some of them are not so kind. I imagine if I said my thoughts, I wouldn't have many people that liked me. I've learned to keep my mouth shut, sometimes, for the sake of family, friends and people in general. Although, blogging has been a wonderful outlet for all those kept opinions. I have been able to release my opinion on life in general and stay anonymous. Sometime I will share my thoughts on children and Walmart. I think I shall title it, "What Not To Do As A Parent". I am sure I will either offend or you will totally agree with my thoughts.

Finally, as I reflect on Valea's Thoughts I realize that it takes time to build any site and I must not give up. Eventually, I will have a steady stream of readers that stop by because I have good content. As alway, I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Thanks for following my blog.

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  1. Hi Valea,first may I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.Second always post what you feel.It may offend some,they may leave an indignant comment,but you should never write to please others,this merely compromises your integrity.I get rude comments from time to time,it tells me I am having an effect!Kind regards,simon