Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changing blog templates

My very good friend told me how to change my blog template last night. So, being gregarious and excited for a new look, I proceeded to change my template. I need to first explain that the reason I have never changed it before, was I understood you would lose all your widgets and other details to your blog. After following her instructions I saved my current profile and began searching for a new look.

If you type in "blogger template" on a search engine, it will be like a child going to a candy store, there are so many selections to choose from. I started this adventure around 9pm last night I put my final details on my blog at 12:30 pm. It wasn't that it was hard, I just kept changing my mind. I tried designing my own from pictures I had taken on my property, then decided I didn't want that. Then I went with a more feminine look, which was not me at all. Finally coming to a decision on the blog template that I have now. After tweeking the html, I finally was pleased and finished by adding my widgets.

This morning when my young adult children whom are technically experienced went to my blog they were very impressed with my handiwork. Feeling very confident with my new techie skills, you may see more changes on this site in the future.


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