Thursday, December 3, 2009

The benefits of Elderberry

Our family have been reaping the benefits of elderberry for several years. When we purchased out farm, we were blessed to have elderberries on our property along with blackberries, wild plums and mulberries. I did some research to find out the benefits or these berries and plums.

According to Magic and Medicine."Medicinally, elderberry has been used for common ailments, a syrup from the berry juice was once a remedy for coughs, and cold sufferers comforted themselves with hot toddies of mulled elderberry wine [...] [And] a tea made from the [Elder] flowers was taken as a mild laxative or diuretic and to promote sweating." After reading several articles on natural remedies,I discovered that the elderberry was an antiviral and used to cure the avian flu and the swine flu. We have seen the benefits of this and have recommended it to many of our family and friends.

So the next time you get a cold or the flu, don't reach for the over the counter medicine which has side effects, try something natural elderberries. Your be surprised at how well it works.

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  1. Elderberry is not only valuable for its antioxidant potential, it has also exhibited particular health benefits that are substantiated in studies in the areas of immune support, physical stress, cardiovascular support and healthy inflammation response.