Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yesterday as I took my son to the international airport. I was totally amazed at some of the people that were milling around the airport. We arrived an hour and a half early. We didn't plan on being there that early. After running errands, we were ahead of schedule. Being early left us with time to sit and observe the human drama of life at the airport.

There is a freakish amount of public display of affection. I wanted to carry a sign that read, "get a hotel room". Does it not occur to these people that they are in public. While sitting with my cup of coffee, I was treated a show of reality drama. A young female employee, felt the need to scream and yell at her boss. Flinging her financial situation out for all of us to hear. I thought to myself, does she not have any humility? Maybe she has watched too many reality TV shows and felt she was auditioning? I decided to move to another seating area, hoping to avoid any more public feuds.

As I watch these people rushing to their destination. I thought to myself, do you have any idea how others perceive you? Just by watching the way someone walks, you can tell if they are self confident or not. Many were so engrossed with their cell phone conversation. They make themselves a target to someone with not so nice personal agendas. It also made me aware, as I sat there observing others, that I never know when someone will be observing me and how they will perceive me. All in all, people watching made the time go by faster. Before we knew it, it was time for my son to leave.

In a few more days I will be headed back to the airport to pick up my son. Who knows maybe i will wear a ridiculous outift and a strange hairstyle, so I can fit in to the human decor.

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