Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Young at Heart

Recently I received a video via email from a friend of mine. I was completely amazed at what I saw. In the email the woman in the video was suggested to be 92 years old, I'm not sure I believe that. I would put her age closer to her seventies, but what she did at seventy, I can't do in my forties.

The video opens with a man comes on stage looking for someone to dance with, from behind him an elderly woman enters the stage. The music starts and they begin dancing a nice waltz. He spins her quickly and leans her for dramatic effect. While your watching and thinking to yourself, she is an amazing dancer. She then pushes her partner away in disgust, moving to the other side of the stage. She removes her modest outfit to reveal a daring dance dress. She comments, "I want to salsa!" and the music quickly changes to an upbeat song. This lady would put to shame many salsa dancers. Her timing, tempo, movements and posture are amazing. I can not do it justice, therefore, I am attaching the video for you to see for yourself.

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