Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out of touch

Wow. I just realized I have not blogged since August. September and October were tough months health wise for me. My family went on vacation and we have had major building project on our small farm. Both of which, left me with little time to blog. While on vacation, my family and myself were sick with the H1N1 flu virus. We are all recovered, it slowed us down for a couple of weeks. On top of all that, my family lost a dear friend in an automobile accident. He lost his job in August and thought he still had life insurance (long story), come to find out he did not. This left his spouse in a financial crisis. So, we are trying to help this widow ready her home to sell this coming spring. One thing I have learned from all this not take life for granted! You are never promised tomorrow, so live life as though there is no tomorrow. With that being said, if I'm around tomorrow....I'll write another blog.


  1. this is powerful mrs. hall. I am sorry to hear about your friend. It is beautiful what you all are doing for the wife. There is a blessing and peace on you and your family that you can't even imagine for doing what you all are doing. All praises be to our most loving and compassionate Father, who shows himself to us through acts like what you and your family are doing.

    I'm glad you all survied the H1N1 too! Baruch Hashem. Take Care. Glad your back :)

  2. Thank you Danny...please keep her in your prayers that she hears YHWH and walks according to His will.