Saturday, November 14, 2009

House to myself

Being the mother of three young adults, I have spent a life time sacrificing my time. I do not regret one minute of this, but I do appreciate the time that I have alone. When the family decides to go to a movie, I will almost always opt out in order to have the house to myself for a few short hours.

Then you get that one child that feels bad for you and wants to stay behind so that you won't be alone. I can't be so cruel to explain to this child that his presence is not needed. Some day, he will understand, when he has children of his own and I will delight in staying with him so that he won't be by him self. I am only kidding, knowing this child he will call me up and apologize for robbing my of my alone time.

So, I will take this time and use it to build special memories. I will watch a movie he likes and buy us a pizza that he likes and appreciate the fact that I have raised a son that is so considerate to be concerned about his mother. As I grow older I understand that time is short, the days are numbered that I still have my three young adult children living with or near me. I am grateful for this time. I know that there will come a day when they have families of their own and will not have the time to spend with me. By that time, I will have more then enough "alone" time and a house to myself.

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