Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Young at Heart

Recently I received a video via email from a friend of mine. I was completely amazed at what I saw. In the email the woman in the video was suggested to be 92 years old, I'm not sure I believe that. I would put her age closer to her seventies, but what she did at seventy, I can't do in my forties.

The video opens with a man comes on stage looking for someone to dance with, from behind him an elderly woman enters the stage. The music starts and they begin dancing a nice waltz. He spins her quickly and leans her for dramatic effect. While your watching and thinking to yourself, she is an amazing dancer. She then pushes her partner away in disgust, moving to the other side of the stage. She removes her modest outfit to reveal a daring dance dress. She comments, "I want to salsa!" and the music quickly changes to an upbeat song. This lady would put to shame many salsa dancers. Her timing, tempo, movements and posture are amazing. I can not do it justice, therefore, I am attaching the video for you to see for yourself.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Star Trek

Last night I watched the DVD of Star Trek with my family. I must admit I am not a fan of Star Trek and for that matter a SciFi fan either. With that in mind, I did enjoy the movie. I had a difficult time in the beginning of the movie trying to follow the story line, but after about 10 minutes I was caught up with what was going on. The movie had humor, romance and action, keeping you entertained until the end.

I was glad to see they had Leanord Nimoy, Spock, in this film. Although, it did disappoint me that they did not have William Shatner, Captain Kirk, in the film. Chris Pine, did a wonderful job as James T. Kirk. I look forward to seeing him in the Sequel tentatively set to be released in 2011. All in all, I would enjoy seeing another Star Trek movie, even though I'm not a Sci Fi fan. Who knows, you may see me at the next Star Trek Convention.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Car accident

My 71 year old mother had her fist car accident a few days ago. It was not her fault it was the fault of a teenage girl driver, she literally just left the parking lot from getting her driver's license. She hit my moms car broadside. Damaging her drivers door and the driver passenger side door. Mom bought her '99 Protege brand new and it only had 76,000 miles on it. She babied this car never allowing anyone to eat in it, she vacuumed the carpet all the time and kept it well maintained. The insurance company sent their claims inspector out to her house today, only to tell her they were going to have to total her vehicle. The real slap in the face is they will only be giving her $4200.00 for this vehicle. The chances she will be able to purchase a vehicle for this amount with the same low mileage and condition is slim. My mother is retired and lives on a fixed income, she can not afford a car payment. How is this fair and just to her? You have a impeccable driving record, keep your vehicle well maintained and cared for, only to have an insurance company rob you.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for my mother, please let me know. Mind you we are all thankful no one was hurt in the accident. We also understand it was an "accident". Accidents happen in life, that is why we have insurance.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


When I was a child I always looked forward to going to the dance store to purchase new leotards and dance shoes. I was just as excited as a 40 year old woman getting my new Bloch tap shoes. Dance has always been my stress escape, my preferred exercise and my all round comfort. Now I am sharing my love of dance with my daughter. She also looks forward to a new pair of dance shoes.

The one thing I have learned in my 40 years of dancing, dance shoes make the difference in a performance. Living in the country it isn't always easy to locate a place to purchase my dance shoes, so I rely on the internet for finding an economical and reliable source . has the latest in top name dance shoes and clothing. With 365 days a year free shipping it makes it convenient to shop online. Their web site is easy to use, so why bother to drive through traffic when you can shop from home?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin

I recently watched an interview with Sarah Palin out promoting her new book "Going Rogue, An American Life". I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in her interview. I personally like her, even if I don't agree with some of the things she does. The disappointment comes from her book and what she is trying to convey to the public.

First of all, she complains about being told what to say and what not to say by her "handlers". Hello....she's in politics, did she not get the memo that politicians usually don't get to speak from their heart. They speak from the guys who's funding them heart. Then she commented on how they choose her wardrobe, but said it didn't really bother her because she didn't like to go shopping. She made comment that her hair and makeup were not of her choice either, but of the handlers and how the guys running did not have this problem. Implying that it was harder for her because she was female. Do you not think someone was doing the same thing to these politicians wives? What did she expect when she entered the arena that men have dominated for hundreds of years? She also complained about how the press treated her children. Mind you, I would not want the press throwing my personal life and that of my family out there for others to judge, but I also am not dumb enough to run for vice president and think they wouldn't have a field day . Especially if my teenage daughter was pregnant. It's kind of like Brittany Spears being upset because she has no privacy. She dresses herself half naked, goes out an gets drunk and stupid while the paparazzi is following her (like they might not notice), making a fool of herself and then complains because she has no privacy. Come on Sarah! She put her own selfish desires of becoming the vice president before her daughters personal needs and privacy, leaving her to be the butt of stand up comedian jokes and tabloids. Do I have a lot of compassion for her, no I don't.

Last but not least, Sarah made all her choices and can not possibly think the public will see her as a victim. She choose to do as the campaign "handlers" choose for her do and say. She choose to run for VP and put her family in the nation spotlight, she choose to not complete her job as the governess of Alaska, leaving the public to speculate on why she left office, only to have her new book released in less then a year from when she quit. Like every other "bad girl" celebrity, I am sure she will make a lot of money doing what ever she chooses, but at what cost to her family. The only true victims here are the innocent children.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Have you ever felt like the rain would not stop? If I am sick of several days of rain, I can not imagine how Noah felt. I know if this was spring or summer I would appreciate all this water for my garden, but it is fall and it is dreary and cold and wet. Out here in the country, rain equals alot of mud and mud equals alot of cleaning to my floors. More rain more work.

You know it's bad when your dog looks outside and considers the options of not going outside to go to the bathroom. Even the chickens are standing in the hen house looking outside, not wanting to go look for bugs. I guess with all this rain I'll have to find something to keep me busy inside. Maybe a good book or a movie, that would be between cleaning the floors. I know when the sun decides to shine, I'll appreciate it even more. Well, off to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and watch the rain clouds pass by.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

House to myself

Being the mother of three young adults, I have spent a life time sacrificing my time. I do not regret one minute of this, but I do appreciate the time that I have alone. When the family decides to go to a movie, I will almost always opt out in order to have the house to myself for a few short hours.

Then you get that one child that feels bad for you and wants to stay behind so that you won't be alone. I can't be so cruel to explain to this child that his presence is not needed. Some day, he will understand, when he has children of his own and I will delight in staying with him so that he won't be by him self. I am only kidding, knowing this child he will call me up and apologize for robbing my of my alone time.

So, I will take this time and use it to build special memories. I will watch a movie he likes and buy us a pizza that he likes and appreciate the fact that I have raised a son that is so considerate to be concerned about his mother. As I grow older I understand that time is short, the days are numbered that I still have my three young adult children living with or near me. I am grateful for this time. I know that there will come a day when they have families of their own and will not have the time to spend with me. By that time, I will have more then enough "alone" time and a house to myself.

Friday, November 13, 2009


There is a new movie that is being released today, it's called "2012". It's plot line is based on a global catastrophe. Scientist discover the Earths core is heating up and soon the Earth's crust will disstabalize. Like other catastrophe movies, the goverment leadership are aware of this coming doom, but chose not to tell the viewers are more aware of this then the characters in the movie. The reviews have this movie rated well with action packed scenes.

Many people believe in an "end of the world" situation in the year 2012. As our society grows closer to the ticking down of time, we will see more and more of these types of movies. There is a whole underworld of people totally convinced that because the Mayan calender ends on December 21, 2012, this indicates that it is the end of the world as we know it.

I'm sure many people will make a small fortune off of these people, much like those who choose to profit off the fears of the people over the Y2K situation. My view is this, no one is promised to wake up tomorrow. My world may come to an end before 2012. Fearing a future catastrophy that is several years away makes no sense to me. Live each day as though it is your last day. Tell the ones you love how you feel. Forgive those who have hurt you and walk life out, so that is pleasing to the Heavenly Father. Greet each day as though it is a gift, because it is a gift.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out of touch

Wow. I just realized I have not blogged since August. September and October were tough months health wise for me. My family went on vacation and we have had major building project on our small farm. Both of which, left me with little time to blog. While on vacation, my family and myself were sick with the H1N1 flu virus. We are all recovered, it slowed us down for a couple of weeks. On top of all that, my family lost a dear friend in an automobile accident. He lost his job in August and thought he still had life insurance (long story), come to find out he did not. This left his spouse in a financial crisis. So, we are trying to help this widow ready her home to sell this coming spring. One thing I have learned from all this not take life for granted! You are never promised tomorrow, so live life as though there is no tomorrow. With that being said, if I'm around tomorrow....I'll write another blog.

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