Thursday, August 6, 2009

1800 Flowers for new baby gifts

My sons best friend and his wife just had another baby. I was pondering what to get them, so I went internet searching. I thought I would get some flowers for the mommy, as she was the one who did ALL the hard labor. I know I appreciated it when someone thought of me. While searching for flowers I found baby gifts at the same site. made it so easy to purchase a gift for mom and baby.

There was only one problem, there were too many choices! They had so many unique flower arrangements and gifts, it was difficult to choose. After selecting a rose bouquet for mom and a personalized teddy bear for the baby, it was quite a relief knowing I never had to leave home and they would receive it the next day. Talk about convenient, leaving me time to play in my won garden.

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  1. I wish them the very same. Good to see your blog coming round. Make posts frequent as of now.