Thursday, June 11, 2009

Road trip to Arizona...I wish

I spoke with my mom last night on the phone and she informed me that my sister and her were taking a road trip to visit my brother in Arizona. They wanted to know if my daughter and I wanted to join them. Man, do I need a vacation! My thoughts went to all the responsibilities I have going on here, the garden, the chicks, my son and his new wife are still working on their new home. I had to decline with much sorrow.

She began to tempt me with how nice the weather was there. With all the rain and humidity in the Midwest, I have to admit I was ready to throw all cares to the wind and jump in the car. My brother has tried to get us to move to Arizona for years, he would like nothing more then to have our family together in Arizona. Mind you, it is very tempting when we have ice, snow and freezing temperatures in the middle of winter. Although, I could do with out the scorpions and rattlesnakes. I suppose every paradise has it's downfall. Maybe next year I can road trip it to Arizona. Until then, I'll have to deal with the hot and humid weather of the Midwest.

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