Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How can a large company effect little ole me?

Chevrolet is merging with Fiat, how does this effect me you ask? My son owns a Dodge Ram truck, he bought it 11 months ago from a local dealership. Now we are usually Ford people, which will make since later. Every child has to make his/her mistakes in life and they don't want to just learn by their parents mistakes. So, 11 months ago, my son decided to take out a car loan and bought this Dodge truck. Since the purchase he has regretted it and is still learning life lessons.

From my previous post you know he just got married and as I type this is on his honeymoon. The problem is, he isn't having very much fun. That would be because the night they arrived at their destination, his fuel line going into the injector ruptured. It should have been no big deal, but because it's a DODGE/CHEVROLET it now is a BIG deal. He took it to the dealership to have it repaired, because it was under warranty. They informed him that they may not be able to locate the part and have it repaired by the time he needs to come back home. Due to the difficulties of this merger, things between dealerships are running a little slow. To top things off, they would not give him a rental car. "So sorry for your inconvenience sir", seems to be their motto. Today I finally reached my limit with the dealership and phoned them myself. I found out they would be happy to give my son a rental car, but none are available. Hmm, I wanted to say, my son would be happy to make his car payment, but there seems to be a lack of funds available.

How is it that a large corporation can expect the little guy to make his payments or his car is repossessed, yet they do not have to fix his car so that he is not inconvenienced? It makes no since to me. SO, as the little guys mom, I decided to make a shout out to everyone and tell them DO NOT BUY CHEVROLET! That's right, I can not fight this large corporation one on one, but I can give testimony of how they treat their customers. I know this probably won't hurt them, but it makes me feel better. As I spoke earlier, we are FORD people, we have never had a problem and they treat us good. I can't ask for more then that.

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