Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This year seems to be a good year for the snakes. We live in the country and you expect to encounter a few slithering creatures now and again, but this year it's insane how many we have come across. Mind you, I don't have any real big issues with the hissing legless reptiles. They can actually be useful in extinguishing the rodent population around the farm. It's when I find them in the chicken coop with the guilty evidence of an egg swollen in their belly that tend to irritate me. The dear snake is then a dead snake on our property....we don't put up with any thief'n.

Then there is the not so friendly copperhead snake that coils up in the unsuspecting places ready to sink its fangs in to its next victim. That there snake is a dead'n too. You may be wondering how I get rid of those varmints. You see, I gave heir to "Annie Oakley". She's my snake killer. I rustle down the snake and she takes aim. We make a great team, so far we have eliminated 4 unworthy repitles.

The spring has only begun and we haven't even touched summer. I'll keep you posted on the adventures of the snake executioners.


  1. hmm....that would be my youngest :)

  2. wooooooooooowwww, she herds cattle! feeds chickens!! shoots!! sword fights!! motor bikes!!, sews!!! hehe, now she kills snakes!! what a woman!! hehe :)

  3. So far I've only seen one snake around here, but I'm thinking that all the spiders are inviting their friends over to our house!

  4. I heard that cats scare away snakes, so I keep three cats not only to drive snakes away but rodents too and it worked...

  5. I didn't want to do it, but I did!
    I had a coral snake near the pool equipment in the side yard.
    I moved quickly to close the garage doors, and the side door. I grabbed a shovel, went back to where the snake had been--he'd slithered up to the front side of the house.
    I bashed him a few times to knock him out.
    Scooped the snake and placed it in the woods.
    He flared up at me--I permanently bashed him.
    Where I live, we have the Eastern Diamondback, Copperhead, Pit Vipers, Water Moccasins.

  6. GulfGal...I love it!!! LOL

  7. Mercylf....we stray tomcat decided to take up residence I hope that helps