Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm getting pretty excited in a little over a week I will have chicks hatch out. I bought an incubator a month or so ago and decided I would start raising my own chickens, instead of buying them from someone else. Mind you, the fact that it is $10.00 for a laying hen had a lot to do with this decision. Call me cheap or call me crazy, either way, I am about to have my first batch of eggs hatch out.

Raising chicks is alot of work and initially I did not want to do this. But, the cost of laying hens has become ridiculous. First, my husband has to build a chicken pen. Our old chick pen is not snake proof. Oh yes, we have talked about those pesky predators. The chirping of the chicks draw the snakes to their pen and those slithering snakes slide right through the holes of the cage and will devour a dozen chicks in no time at all. Thus, the need for a new and improved chick cage.

Second, you need to purchase chick starter feed. This feed is high in vitamins and minerals to help the chick grow. They eat ALOT and you need to make sure their food bowl is always full. In other words, no vacation time for me this summer.

Third, since they eat so much then obviously you have to clean the cage ALOT. This is the worst part. Chicks stink! So keeping their cage in a well ventilated area and out off the hot sun and weather is a necessity. All in all, raising chicks is worth it in the end. Nothing can compare to fresh organic farm eggs and organic chicken. Yes, we butcher all the roosters...but that is another blog. I do need to note, that is a task I do not like.

As for the excess chicks I raise, I will sell them. I'll have my own little poultry business selling my chickens for $10.00 a hen. If you can't beat them, join them.


  1. This post is so awesome. I love your organic-industriousness!

    I remember walking out with you to get eggs for my breakfast! So cool for a city boy like me :)

    I hope your business goes well. Who knows maybe I will be blessed to see the first hatchlings while there?

    Take Care!

  2. Danny...wouldn't that be cool for you to be here for the newborns!