Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brad Scott

I have spent the afternoon watching a DVD series by Brad Scott. I normally get bored watching someone teach on a video, but Brad has a wonderful way of capturing your attention and speaking "to you, not at you". He is humorous and light hearted and makes the Bible come alive.

On his website, Wildbranch Ministries he has a section for a Hebrew word of the week. It's been fun to follow these words and understand the meaning. No matter what your religious background is, Brad Scott helps you understand the meaning of the Bible in the language that it was written.

If you get the opportunity stop by his web site. You might find sometihng of interest there.

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  1. Been listening to Brad Scott for 4 yrs as well as other Hebrew Roots teachers, but one of my favorite Pastor/teachers is Mark Biltz from elshaddiministries.us as he broadcast every Shabbat from the website to either listen or download via podcast. Be blessed and Shalom!
    Dan @ ru4truth.blogspot.com