Thursday, May 28, 2009


I wanted to view another bloggers website today but it was written in spanish. I can not read fluent spanish, so I went to and had it translated. It was so much fun....I wrote a comment on there and had it translated from english to spanish. I know this is probably something everyone already knows, but I found it fun to be able to leave comments on someone elses site in their language. How well did it translate??? I don't know...I'll let you know if they write back angry with me :)

So, don't let a blog that is written in a language you don't know prevent you from browsing it and commenting on their site.


  1. I love using babel fish it is so much fun for ease of translation.

  2. Yes I used babel fish too. So visitors around the world with different language can read my blog :)

  3. Je suis très heureux de présenter ses observations sur votre blog. Je me sens très sexy écrire en français.

  4. Outnumbered...I will have to say...your french does look sexy :)

  5. I agree with you. If new technologies are there, open to exploit. It is a pleasure to maintain contact even resorting to traductor.Valea greetings from Spain.

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